reefer trucking

September 18, 2023

Three Strategies for Finding the Right Reefer Shipping Provider for Your Freight

Find the ideal reefer shipping provider with Continental Logistics. Follow these three strategies for safe, reliable LTL reefer and truckload shipping.

retail order management

August 24, 2023

Leveraging a 3PL for Optimized Retail Order Management

Master retail order management. Explore how 3PL providers like Port Jersey Logistics boost retail success through enhanced accuracy, speed & flexibility.

kitting services

August 17, 2023

Leveraging Kitting for Optimized Retail Supply Chain Management

In this article, we will explore the concept of kitting and its significance in the retail industry, focusing on how retailers can leverage kitting for optimized supply chain management.

3pl for retail

August 11, 2023

How a 3PL Can Help Streamline Retail Preparations

The past few years have been marked by significant disruptions, from shortages to inflation, labor shortages, and fluctuating consumer spending. In such a challenging environment, retailers must rethink their inventory management and order fulfillment approach to stay ahead of the curve.

kitting in warehouse

August 3, 2023

The Advantages & Disadvantages of Kitting

Kitting has its advantages and disadvantages. This article will explore the benefits and challenges of kitting and assembly and how partnering with Port Jersey Logistics can ensure that retailers capitalize on the advantages while effectively managing the potential downsides.

port of savannah

July 31, 2023

Port Jersey Logistics Expands Services into Georgia’s Burgeoning Port of Savannah

Rising Demand for Reliable Logistics and Food Warehousing Services Spurs Expansion into Fourth-Busiest U.S. Port

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