Refrigerated (Reefer) Transportation & Trucking Companies: What are the Characteristics of Best In Class?

June 11, 2024

Refrigerated (Reefer) Transportation & Trucking Companies: What are the Characteristics of Best In Class?


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The modern logistics landscape has significantly evolved over the years.

Trucking companies have transitioned from transporting mundane and everyday goods to cargo with more nuanced complexities. A prime example of this is the refrigerated transport or cold chain. This innovative system has revolutionized the way businesses and consumers access delicate products, a feat that would have been unimaginable just a few decades ago. The industry is now on a rapid growth trajectory, with a valuation of over $120 billion in 2023 and a projected CAGR of 8.6% from 2024 to 2030.

However, for refrigerated (reefer) transportation to be successful, shippers must streamline their efforts to find a reliable partner, and it all begins with finding the best-in-class refrigerated companies.

Six Characteristics of Best-in-Class Reefer Trucking Companies

Finding the best-in-class reefer trucking company starts with an effective analysis of expected characteristics. There are six main criteria you want to tick off the box when trying to identify a credible reefer partner.

1. Advanced Temperature-Control Technology

Technology effectively enhances the logistics business's ability to track and maintain consistent temperature throughout the reefer process.

It is the pillar of any refer transportation process. Given the fragility and temperature sensitivity of products requiring refrigerated transportation, logistics companies maintain consistent temperatures using state-of-the-art refrigerated units and advanced monitoring systems. This allows them to set the right temperature for transportation and ensure the temperature remains within the allowed temperature range throughout the journey. In some cases, the logistics partner can also remotely control the temperature if need be.

Without appropriate technology, it will be challenging for any logistics partner to effectively transport reefer products, including chemicals, pharmaceuticals, foods, and beverages.

2. Reliable Fleet Maintenance

Minimizing breakdowns in the reefer process is crucial, making reliable fleet maintenance essential.

Any fleet or vehicle breakdown can be time-consuming, exposing the reefer cargo to significantly more risk than any party in the entire logistics chain is comfortable with. The right reefer partner must take this seriously and effectively implement regular maintenance across fleet operations, particularly preventive maintenance. It will significantly reduce the risk of vehicle breakdowns and the impact on the reefer product.

Reliable maintenance is a good pointer to a 3PL partner that takes the entire logistics operation seriously.

3. Comprehensive Training Programs

Drivers are the most important component in the trucking process and serve as the lynchpin.

Getting a good driver is great, but training that driver to manage the complexities of reefer transport is more vital. The third-party logistics partner has to invest in training drivers to get them up to date on handling the reefer cargo, including observing driving safety guidelines. Driver training does improve driver performance, making the entire logistics operation more effective. Training teaches the drivers how to handle the reefer cargo and spot potential issues immediately. More importantly, it improves their driving ability, preventing future accidents.

Always remember that 87% of trucking accidents were a result of driver error.

4. Robust Safety and Security Protocol

There are about 168,000 truck accidents every year in the United States.

That particular number highlights the necessity of safety and security protocols in any trucking operation. Accidents can be a mess and, in many cases, are quite challenging to deal with. The delays and potential loss of cargo could cost the supply chain a significant sum. This is why strict adherence to safety standards and regulations is important. When looking for the best-in-class reefer trucking company, always check out their safety features, such as GPS tracking, driver assistance systems, parking sensors, and night vision assists.

Safety and security protocols significantly improve the throughput of any logistics operation.

5. Efficient Route Planning

There is no reason to spend 12 hours on the road when the truck can do the distance in 6 hours. Increased time on the road puts the reefer cargo and transportation process at risk, and it also impacts the delivery of the product to the consumers. This is why leveraging sophisticated logistics software for the reefer process is important. It reduces the time on the road and helps the truck avoid unsafe or tricky regions while in transit.

6. Strong Customer Service

Your business comes first for every 3PL in the best-in-class category, and that means having effective customer service.

Great customer service allows prompt attention to inquiries and challenges. But today's market-leading 3PLs go beyond that and offer complete transparency. Customers can know when, where, and how their shipment is transported.

As a shipper, always check if you can get real-time information on every detail you need. It puts you in the know, enhances the supply chain planning, and allows for prompt actions should the need arise.

Continental Logistics is The Best-in-Class Reefer Company for Your Supply Chain

Continental Logistics offers temperature-controlled transport for all your needs, regardless of shipment size (full truckload or less than truckload). We have been here for a while and understand the importance of maintaining consistent temperatures for food and medication to ensure quality and safety. Our reliable carriers use temperature monitoring devices and thoroughly inspected trailers to prevent spoilage or contamination throughout the journey.

With Continental Logisics, you have various temperature-controlled options, including frozen, refrigerated, and air-conditioned transportation, as well as specialized cargo like candy and confectionery. Contact Continental Logistics today.

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