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Focused on Building a Culture

Port Jersey Logistics is committed to a culture of engagement and collaboration where employees feel valued for their hard work and dedication.  We sponsor several team building and appreciation events throughout the year because we know how important it is to foster strong relationships and good morale.Additionally, the Company recognizes that a well-designed workspace can boost productivity and encourage creativity.

Port Jersey has undertaken a huge office modernization project that fosters a positive work environment and shows employees their well-being and happiness at work is a priority!

Our leadership team also believes in the importance of giving back to our communities and Port Jersey partners with Think Big for Kids, an organization dedicated to breaking the cycle of poverty by providing middle and high school students with career opportunities, mentorship, and job readiness to excel in today’s workforce.  PJL employees share their personal and professional experiences hoping to create an awareness about the opportunities that exist in the world of 3PL.

Positions for All Career Levels

As Port Jersey Logistics continues to grow and expand our footprint, we strive to create opportunities for employees at every level of experience.  Port Jersey is continuously investing in training and development programs to prepare employees for the challenges that come with those new opportunities.

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Retirement Plan with Generous Match

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Teamwork, Integrity

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