How to Ensure Fast & Reliable Truckload Shipping

January 1, 1970

How to Ensure Fast & Reliable Truckload Shipping


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What should you look for in a Truckload Transportation Partner?  

1. A partner who Understands Your Needs

It is important to work with someone who understands the needs of your specific freight/industry. They will be able to provide the resources necessary to ensure delivery dates are met. Each industry is different, some have must hit delivery due dates where customers are penalized monetarily for late deliveries. Others have open windows that can deliver at any point in time.  

The right partner will always ask these questions in advance, understanding expectations and being able to execute on the ask from their customer.  

2. A partner for a Specific Region 

A partner who dominates a specific region or strong point provides numerous shipping benefits. When it comes to pricing, a partner who operates heavily in a certain region will be able to offer better pricing than a nationwide player. A larger provider is less likely to have as many tight knit connections as a regional specialist would.  

Another benefit of having a strong regional partner is relationships that are associated with their business. Should something go wrong during a load, having multiple contacts and re-work facilities will allow for solutions to be given promptly. The result is a reduction in any additional expenses.

3. A partner who offers Premier Service:  

A transportation partner is integral to a successful business and should be seen as an extension of the company. With that comes some high expectations; communication needs to be constant, updates need to be accurate, and the service needs to be top notch.  

Find a transportation partner that values long lasting relationships and isn't purely profit driven. This is essential to forming a successful partnership. Understanding this on both ends is where the service level jumps up significantly and both parties see the benefits of a long term relationship.  

Truckload shipping is one of the main methods and is the fastest option OTR as well as having the least amount of touch points ensuring your freight will get to the destination in good condition. Moving freight as a truckload is the easiest and most reliable way to get freight around the country but rates have continued to rise and this is an even bigger reason why you need a reliable partner handling your shipping needs.  

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